Hectic week

Wow, this week was very very hectic. I didn’t even found the time to write! Let me explain…


It started when we were in London, it was a amazing holiday!! (I don’t talk a lot about it because I am gonna make a big London post). But we were sooo tired, even after the first day! We walked a lot the whole day and around 17:00 we needed to take a quick nap (every day) haha. Old people… Anyhow, the wifi was BADDD! Sometimes I could find wifi in a cafe but in the hotel it didn’t work properly, so I planned that friday when we came home (around 11:00 in the morning) that post the things I couldn’t do before. But then when we were at the airport we had a delayed plane for 20 minutes. Ok, not so bad. Until they told us that the plane was broken and they didn’t had mechanics!! How is that even possible?! No mechanics on a airport haha! Anyway, we they let us fly to another airport… in belgium!! And from there we needed to take the bus to Rotterdam. Very messy and instead of 11 in the morning we came home at six. Then we needed to go straight to Mikey’s house for christmas eve. And after that to my grandparents. It was a very nice Christmas eve, I will show photo’s later in another post.


At the first Christmas day we stayed at my place and my other grandparents came for dinner. And the second Christmas day we went to Mike’s mom and we had a big party with lot of food, drinks and the sweetest people. It was the perfect Christmas. And the perfect week! But I need a big break now… I would love to post more but I can’t keep my eyes open. I hope that I feel better tomorrow.



Now I am gonna watch The lucky one with Zac Efron. Aghh I love that movie, I can’t watch it enough.

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas!





Birthday girl & London

Happy birthday to my beautiful sister! Today she turned 18!! We will celebrate it here in London for her. And everyone who read this: it is a good excuse for one more glas or wine tonight! Haha

She is the most amazing girl I know, so sweet and I love her more than anything in the world. She is always there for me, actually for everyone… She is one of a kind. And I wish her all the best in life. When we come back we gonna celebrate sis!





Today we bring a visit to the London eye and the big ban. We have so much fun here, yesterday we were so tired that we fell asleep at 17:00 But then I woke up at 19:30 and we went to this “happy hour street” it was a lot of fun, mikey with his jack daniels hahaha.
I will post the photos later. The wifi is very bad here and I can only get it on my old phone.

We have a amazing time here in London, but I am also so excited to celebrate the holidays with my family and friends. I love this time of the year!! So many exciting things to do!

I hope you all have a wonderful time. And don’t forget to love!!

Get the London look…



Casual and easy, nice for walking around the city the whole day. Discover the best places and having nice warm drinks at the shops. As you can see I love the boots from Isabel Marant, they are my favorite this winter. I am running late now so I made this quick post. I hope you like it & enjoy the rest of you day!



Romantic holiday

Hi lovely’s,

I am sorry for not updating my blog; it’s been very hectic these last few days with birthdays, presents, christmas and getting ready for London!! I am very excited, finally a romantic holiday with my love. We traveled a lot but always with other people around, I can’t wait to have him all for myself for a few days!


I love this pictures from London, the London eye, warm drinks, Harrods, the whole city is so cozy. I will make lots of photo’s & share the good memories with you when I am back. If you have any tips for what we need to see or do when we are there, please let me know!

I hope you have a nice holiday and enjoy this magical time with the people you love.