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Tattoo’s gossssh, what a dilemma
I really like tattoo’s but taking a real one is for me a big challenge. Right now I’am sure that I would love it for the rest of my life, but that is also what I thought 10 years ago about the (henna) unicorn and a huge tribal on my back…

But I found the perfect solution! Flashtat.comIt isn’t just a (fake) tattoo, but it is shiny, unique, super sexy, and perfect for at the beach. It looks like a jewelry but one that you can’t lose. AMAZINGGGG!!

Already convinced? Check it out!


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Music, warm breeze & palm trees; Coachella

4The Festival season has begun! Plenty of different festivals coming up, but there is one that anyone would want to go to; COACHELLA

Hats, flowers, sandals, heart sunglasses, you see it all in the Colorado desert! It is the perfect place to be, feel the vibes, go with the flow and STOP THINKING. Sounds amazing he? well, I am jealous at the people who could enjoy these 2 weekends while I was at work and looking at all the party pictures, hahaha!


Coachella is hosted in Indio California, were you can enjoy the differend music styles, party with other free spirits & lot of celebs! YES celebs, rumor has it that celebrities getting paid (fifteen- till twenty thousand dollar + V.I.P. cards) by brands for going to this festival with their best outfit. And we all saw on Ashley Benson instagram that she wrote: Thanks, McDonalds for bring me out. Also Vanessa Hudgens has a good deal with the world-wide foodcompany.

So that makes us extra curious how the American stars were dressed at Coachella!

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Bron: Instagram




Romantic holiday

Hi lovely’s,

I am sorry for not updating my blog; it’s been very hectic these last few days with birthdays, presents, christmas and getting ready for London!! I am very excited, finally a romantic holiday with my love. We traveled a lot but always with other people around, I can’t wait to have him all for myself for a few days!


I love this pictures from London, the London eye, warm drinks, Harrods, the whole city is so cozy. I will make lots of photo’s & share the good memories with you when I am back. If you have any tips for what we need to see or do when we are there, please let me know!

I hope you have a nice holiday and enjoy this magical time with the people you love.


Chique hunter

When you walk outside you can feel on your skin that the winter is coming! But what can you wear? UGGs? In my opinion veryyyy nice when there is a snowstorm, but for a normal cold day? No, not done…

But what about these Isabel Marant boots? I LOVE THEM!!!! So feminine and tough at the same time. I know that this is a bit expensive for the most, also for me, but fashion is art & art is inspiration right? And this awesome jacket, if you take a closer look you see that the material of the jacket extends into the sleeves to leather. The Balmain t-shirt give the whole outfit a classic touch. I love this look.. Do you? For more, click here or on the photo to go to the webshop

I hope you like my personal style/wishlist, I am planning to make this every week with different webshops & items. If you have any idea’s tips, feedback you can always leave a comment or email at


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