Hi there!

Welcome to RomyAshley.com,

This is my personal – lifestyle blog were I write about all the things that inspire me. Most of the subject are about: Health, feelings & seeing the beauty in everything
I am still creating, exploring, growing and expanding my future everyday. I am challenging myself with every step I take and I truly believe that you can be anything you want if you believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams.


– Ohja, and I love to write, specially in English, but I am still learning so please don’t judge me for that. And Most of the things I write here are my own opinion.

Enjoy my diary and I hope it inspire you too!
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About me

Name: Romy Ashley

Age: 21

Birthday: July 15

Nationality: Dutch

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Where do I live? The Netherlands


Work or school? I am a Graphic Designer ‘based on fashion’.
Blogger – Stylist – Webshop – Online magazine

Am I religious? I trust the universe

Hobbies: I love to write, walking in nature, watching movies / tv shows, lying under the stars, travelling, exploring and making new hobbies

Who made my banner? I made my own banner, if you want me to make yours too email me at: romyashley2@gmail.com


Do I have a boyfriend? No

Favourite tv series? Vampire Diaries, Pretty little liars, Revenge, SATC, The Blacklist, Gossip girl, Hostages

Clothing size: European size: 34 / 36 (XS/S)

Shoe size: 37

Hair colour? Blonde

Do I drink alcohol? Sometimes


Favorite music? I like a lot of music but most of the time i listen to: Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Pete Murray, The Script etc.

What kind of sports do you do? At Monday (and sometimes Wednesday) i do kettlebell in the gym. Every Thursday i kickbox in the gym. And de rest of the week i train at home, running outside or i do workout’s with or without the weights

The brand of my workout gear: Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Lorna Jane, H&M


I’m always available for feedback! And if there are more questions, don’t be afraid to ask them.

Do what makes YOU happy, you deserve the best!

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