Get the London look…



Casual and easy, nice for walking around the city the whole day. Discover the best places and having nice warm drinks at the shops. As you can see I love the boots from Isabel Marant, they are my favorite this winter. I am running late now so I made this quick post. I hope you like it & enjoy the rest of you day!




Golden Glow

remember a few years ago that everyone wear silver. You didn’t saw gold? I don’t know if it was global or just at my school… But when I saw it in a magazine I liked it, I liked it a lot! So I bought myself some gold jewelry and guess what? A guy me a GOLD DIGGER hahaha! Now I can laugh about it, but at the time I felt so bad! Why did I care what he said? And why did he say that? Few months later I found out that he had a crush on me, so that explained a lot. But be honest, how beautiful is gold? You see it everywhere around you, jewelry, on bags, hats, phone cases. And in my opinion it looks so good by every skin. If you have a dark skin it looks stunning but with a very white skin too! I love gold, thats why I choose this outfit this week.

This is a outfit that I really want to wear, every piece is definitely on my wishlist!! That bag, oh my god! The “fake fur” keep you nice and warm and with the big earrings it match very good. You can wear the shoes also very good with a skirt, short or a skort. Let’s go glow! 

You can buy the items here: welikefashion my-wardrobe mytheresa


Goldenglow 02-12-2013

I hope you like my personal style/wishlist, I am planning to make this every week with different webshops & items. If you have any idea’s tips, feedback you can always leave a comment or email at