BODY ART; Flash tat


Tattoo’s gossssh, what a dilemma
I really like tattoo’s but taking a real one is for me a big challenge. Right now I’am sure that I would love it for the rest of my life, but that is also what I thought 10 years ago about the (henna) unicorn and a huge tribal on my back…

But I found the perfect solution! Flashtat.comIt isn’t just a (fake) tattoo, but it is shiny, unique, super sexy, and perfect for at the beach. It looks like a jewelry but one that you can’t lose. AMAZINGGGG!!

Already convinced? Check it out!


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Get the London look…



Casual and easy, nice for walking around the city the whole day. Discover the best places and having nice warm drinks at the shops. As you can see I love the boots from Isabel Marant, they are my favorite this winter. I am running late now so I made this quick post. I hope you like it & enjoy the rest of you day!