Hectic week

Wow, this week was very very hectic. I didn’t even found the time to write! Let me explain…


It started when we were in London, it was a amazing holiday!! (I don’t talk a lot about it because I am gonna make a big London post). But we were sooo tired, even after the first day! We walked a lot the whole day and around 17:00 we needed to take a quick nap (every day) haha. Old people… Anyhow, the wifi was BADDD! Sometimes I could find wifi in a cafe but in the hotel it didn’t work properly, so I planned that friday when we came home (around 11:00 in the morning) that post the things I couldn’t do before. But then when we were at the airport we had a delayed plane for 20 minutes. Ok, not so bad. Until they told us that the plane was broken and they didn’t had mechanics!! How is that even possible?! No mechanics on a airport haha! Anyway, we they let us fly to another airport… in belgium!! And from there we needed to take the bus to Rotterdam. Very messy and instead of 11 in the morning we came home at six. Then we needed to go straight to Mikey’s house for christmas eve. And after that to my grandparents. It was a very nice Christmas eve, I will show photo’s later in another post.


At the first Christmas day we stayed at my place and my other grandparents came for dinner. And the second Christmas day we went to Mike’s mom and we had a big party with lot of food, drinks and the sweetest people. It was the perfect Christmas. And the perfect week! But I need a big break now… I would love to post more but I can’t keep my eyes open. I hope that I feel better tomorrow.



Now I am gonna watch The lucky one with Zac Efron. Aghh I love that movie, I can’t watch it enough.

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas!





Feeling hot in the cold

If you think about the winter you imagine the snow, hot chocolate, warm jackets, beanies, boots, Santa, fur, dinners. It is all so cozy and magical. But how does your body think about that? For example if you take a walk: If your hair get’s wet you have to be careful that it doesn’t freeze and break, your skin feels like it is going to split and it is a miracle if your fingers didn’t fall off. And thats why I have a few tips for you that I always use during the winter time.



How can you be winter-proof?

Cream/body lotion. It is very annoying if your skin dries out, it is ugly, it is getting itchy and if it is dry for to long it is gonna hurt. The best thing is that you put it on before you go to bed, than it has time enough to do his work.

– Hair mask. This is always good, in the winter and summer. But specially now, you hair need this little extra care. I always do two times a week a mask in my hair. And sometimes when my hair really needs a extra boost, I sleep with it so it can do his work the whole night. 

– Don’t shave your legs much. Maybe this sound a bit weird for some people haha, but I try to shave my legs as little as possible. My legs get’s dryer and it is unnecessary. 

– Face mask. Again the mask, there are a lot of vitamin in a good face mask that you skin needs. Your face has a hard time with the cold because it isn’t covered. I always try to do this once a week. 

– Sugar scrub. It is nice to have a scrub it makes your skin feel nice and soft. But your skin is extra dry now so if you want to scrub you can better use a sugar scrub. It has the same effect as a other scrub but it has these oils in it so your body is oiled instead of dried out. 


– Hand cream. This is so nice, i don’t leave the house without my hand cream. It keep your hands feel soft and it doesn’t hurt when it is too cold.

– Cover your body. Keep your body warm. A beanie, gloves, scarf, double socks, layers, it is fashionable too!

– Drink enough water. Keep your body hydrated always! I can imagine that cold water isn’t what you really want now, so you can also drink tea (green tea, tinytea, hertea). You can also just cook the water and drink it like tea without tea. I don’t know if a lot people like that but I do, maybe with a piece of lemon. 

– Vitamin. Make sure that you get enough vitamins daily.

– Eat enough. If you don’t know what to do with some things just look at the nature. What do animals now? They eat a lot so they can survive the winter. Don’t start eating until you get sick, don’t eat more than you need. But absolutely not less. Eat healthy & enough food.

These were the things that I use for surviving the winter. Most of them is for the dry skin but that is very important in the winter and also very annoying. be careful with your body, you need it for the rest of your life! I hope these little tips help you too. If you have more tips let me know! I am very curious.

Have a nice day!



All I want for Christmas…

I received a lot of good ideas for on your Christmas list, thank you all for helping! I hope you like them, and you find a few useful presents.


1. Disneyland! This was the best idea ever! haha! Who doesn’t like that? If is a bit expensive, maybe you can make a good deal with your boyfriend? That you both give Disney to each other?


2. New bag. Isn’t this the perfect reason for a new bag? New year -> new bag… right girls?!

3. DVD box with all the Christmas classics. Spend a nice winter-day in front of the television with the best Christmas movies. (The Holiday, Santa Claus, Home alone)

4. Spa day. hmm, take a day off from work (monday) and go with your bff to the spa.. Feeling fresh & relaxed for 2014!


5. Beauty products. For in bath, your body,  face, hair. Treat your body right, RIGHT?!

6. Watch. This one is every year on my list. I don’t know why, but every Christmas I ask for a new watch haha. (This year: Marc Jacobs)

7. Gift card Victoria’s Secret. I love this! Special for Christmas, don’t you feel like refresh your lingerie closet in the winter? Or new pajamas for these cold winter nights?

Schermafbeelding 2013-12-02 om 18.19.07

8. City (day) trip. A train ticket or just a shopping day with your friends, mum, sister, to a city were you always wanted to go?

9. Christmas cookies. Isn’t that fun? Baking cookies, (I don’t know how to say this in good english, translate say even weirder things but I try:) you can ask the stuff for baking the cookies, the material?. Red & green candy on top. hmmm…  

10. Something for in your room? Maybe a nice mood lamp or candles to make your room extra cozy.


– Workout clothes. A cap/beanie, clothes or gloves for a outside run. Perfect idea!

– High Tea. Always good!

– Jewelry. Look at this cute necklace from Topshop. 


I hope you find some good things for on your Christmas List. If you have any more idea’s, let me know! 



Christmas present ideas


YESSS, Christmas is coming! Even if it still takes a month, friends and family asked me if I already have a list. “The christmas list.” It is so hard to find good presents for others, most of us buy it themselves, or it is too expensive to give. It is a big job to find good christmas presents! haha!

So I think I should do a post about this christmas list, he?

If you have any good idea’s, let me know in a comment, email or ask on tumblr!

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Love, love, love,