Unexpected holiday

Yes, very unexpected…

dbgdfThe story: Last week my best mate called me that we could go on a snowvacation, for only €10 ! That’s crazy! But I couldn’t go because I had to work that week… So I felt terrible I love the snowvacations and I really needed it this year. So on monday I went to work, with a very disapointed bad mood and I told the story to my boss. And his reaction was: “Wow if you called me you could have go yesterday!” I had my free days left, the work was done so he didn’t saw a problem. I really jumped on the floor I was soooo happy, so I called my friend back and we packed all our stuff so we could leave asap. The only thing we needed to do was, letting the people (were we would stay) know that we were coming that night. And yes, you can guess what happened… We couldn’t go… Something with the fire safety and the appartement boss blabla… But we did understand but it was so sad, we packed everything in 1 hour and took free days at work etc. So we decided to go anyway… Even if we had to sleep in the car for a week hahaha! Well to make the story a bit shorter, a good friend helped us out, we stayed in the best hotel and we still left that Monday!!


It was so much fun, we had a great time there and I can not wait to go back next year. The unexpected things in life are almost always the most valuable memories. I will never forget this week with these mambeaus.


-Here you see a part of the most un-embarrassing photodiary from last week;

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The winter can be fun

cozyySummer is for most of the people the best time of the year. The heat, beach, brown tan, cute dresses, late nights, parties, holidays, most of the fun things are happening in summer. It is a fact that the sun makes people happy, and most of the living creatures are happier in this time of the year.

But what if you live in a country were you have to deal with this horrible grey rainy weather for five or more months? A lot of people feel down and depressed when the winter is coming. The only thing they do outside is walking with the dog of go out for going to school / work and just wait until the rain stops. They hide inside like animals do for the winter. And this is sucks, especially if you see all those photo’s from girls who lying on the beach and enjoy the sun. But hey! You can have fun too!

I choose to enjoy this winter. I always said to myself: “agghh rain, I stay inside today watching a tv-series” and that is nice for one day, but I cant do this for half a year. So I decided to change and only see the good things around me, there must be a lot of things that make the winter nice right?


What about:
• If you choose to enjoy the rain? Yeh it sounds stupid but what if you go outside with your dog, put old clothes on and enjoy the walk. Go play with your dog, running / splash in the water and have fun. You can do that in summer too, so why not now?

• Go to the Christmas shop and buy those cosy lights and make your room magical! This is the first thing I did. This is a typical thing that i only like in the winter. Coming home in your room and it feels like Santa’s house. HAHA

• If you have mountains close to your home, go to the top with your sled. Bring a thermos with you and enjoy the nature, look around, make pictures and have fun.

• Ask your friends if they come for a nice winter-movie-day with a lot of popcorn, hot chocolate with cream, marshmallows, hot socks, put the fire on (if you have that in your house, otherwise you can put candles), and watch Christmas movies.


• I also like to watch movies or tv-series where the weather is the same, i don’t know if that makes sense. But if it is grey outside i feel like watching Twilight and Harry Potter haha. It help for me.

• What about the warm clothes?! The oversized sweaters, socks, hoodies, big boots, umbrella’s.

• Have a romantic date. Were i live it is getting dark around 17:00 – 17:30 so perfect for a date night. Having a nice dinner at a romantic place, going to the cinema or just making dinner at home.

If you have more idea’s how to survive the winter you can always leave a comment!