Nature loves courage.

“You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering its a feather bed.” 

― Terence Mckenna

Control your own mind

Free your mind
This is a huge issue for lots of people. Since we start growing up we learn from everyone around us to think about others. That is normal of course, and not always bad. But I found out that we do it wayyyy to much.. We are afraid to do are own things that we love because of the opinion of others.

“What would he say if I do this” “What would she do when I do that?” And that is so wrong! Why do we care? What are we afraid for? What is going to happen if a other person doesn’t like it or judge you? He/she shouldn’t control your life. If they don’t like it what you do, so what? They can do it different in their own way, right? Why let you ruin your life for someone who you probably don’t even know anymore in 10 years..


I always thought way to much about others. At my first school, (10 years ago) agh it was a hell. Everything you did was wrong, it brainwashed me completely. It wasn’t personal everybody did it to everyone at that school. And it changed me into something I am not. I bought clothes that I wouldn’t wear to school: “what if they say, what if they do”. And I see everywhere around me that people still do that, even unconscious.

Listen to this: If you want to do something that you really love, don’t ever let you stop. Maybe you see the problem bigger then it really is, if some one is being mean, don’t listen to it (unless your agree, then learn from it)! I know it isn’t that easy. But think why they say that to you.. Are they right about it, or is it just jealousy because you are happy? Most of the time it is the second one, people can be so mean.. and it is all about how you react on that. They say things to you and you’ve been hurt for a week but they forget in a day that they said that to you!

Have you ever been bullied and ask that person why he does that to you? Well I did and she could’t say a word anymore. And that is the thing, they aren’t bad people, I believe that no one is.. But most of the time they feel bad about something and they try to give you the same feeling and is it nothing personal.


I see now when I started this blog that; most of the people are sooo sweet, they wish me all the luck in the world, try to help me and that is the best feeling ever. But also a few who doesn’t even react! There are always people who try to hurt your feelings or give you the feeling that you do wrong, no matter what you do, and you can not change that. But you can change you & your reaction on that.

If you live your own life, be happy for every body else for what they do, you will see that you are a huge step forward. Be nice to other people, give them compliments. If she has nice shoes, tell her. Give compliments as much as you can! Don’t fake it, but be real to people around you. Be nice and see the good in people and they see the good in you. If you see some one in the train with ugly hair, try to not think about the hair.. but think: “O, that’s a good book that is she reading”. If you hate that other people judge you all the time, stop do that to others. It sounds weird but it is like you don’t see the judgements anymore. What you give it what you get. Be positive even in the little things. Judging other people can be so hard, and completely unnecessary. Focus on your life, only yours! There is no need to destroy someone else’s dream. Just live your own. Make your life your own, enjoy every part of it and you will see the light in everything.

Ohja, and don’t feel bad now if you judged someone, maybe today.. You can not change the past, but change your future. Realize that you are so much better than that. Start living, you are amazing!