Hi lovely’s,

It is been a while now since the last time that I post something, I am sorry for that but I am terrably busy. Yesterday I came home around 1:30 in the night and my alarm went off at 6 in the morning for a full day at work. Although I love being busy like this, I still wish that the day had more hours. All the fun and excited things are coming my way now. This year started rough for me, but now I can tell, and see that it was all for the best. I feel much more alive now, FREE, I grow, learn, explore and follow my own path. I found out that there is no limit, until you give yourself a limit. I am very thankful for everything that happened, even if I wasn’t that happy about it at the time. I truly believe that it goes better and better! Thank you Universe!


Andddd a little newsflash! I signed up for the Ladies run in Rotterdam, 10km! I decided to join it this year because I like to run for a reason, especially for Pink Ribbon. And to be honest I needed some extra motivation. Since Christmas my workout routine is bad… I need to make time for things that I want to do.. In the morning I always make plans like: “Today I am going to run, kickboxing and relax in the evening” And guess how that works out lately?! No kickboxing, 2 km walk and late in the evening I take some time to relax, can’t sleep because I worry that I have to wake up in 4 hours! Sounds familiar?!


I need to find a way that I can do the things I really want to do. So I am going to make a good plan for myself and promise that I do everything that I really really want to do in a day, so that I can be proud at myself when I lay in bed. Like training for the ladies run, writing on, making my favorite bracelets, watch the latest episodes from The Blacklist, Revenge and Pretty Little Liars and make more time to rest and relax.

I hope you all have a amazing day, and remember… No Limits!




Living good, feeling better

It’s friday again! Almost weekend. I think for a few of you it is already weekend, isn’t it? Well, here is my fitspo of the week. I had a good week actually. Since August I haven’t done muscle training, except kick-boxing. Until Monday, and oh my gosh every muscle in my body hurts!! It is a good feeling though, but I couldn’t even come up the stairs the next days haha. But December is always a hard month, so much “bad” food. But yeh, it is a party month and I think you just need to enjoy every part of that. I personally promised myself that I eat extra healthy at home this whole month, absolutely no extra sugar on my bread or soda drinks. So when I am out, I can eat and drink what I want. And next year I go back to my normal routine. Damnn, that sounds so strange already.. Next year! A year ago I was in Australia with New Years Eve. This year went so fast, it’s crazy. 


• This is my motivation that I share with you, the photo’s are from tumblr. I am not saying that this is how you have to look like to be beautiful. Everybody is different, looks different and feel different in a special way. I just use this pictures to keep myself motivated, not because I feel the need to look like that.