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eYesterday I was talking with my bfffff, and it was about being honest. It is the hardest thing in some situations but also the easiest. We all have million silent questions in a day, some silly onces like “Why is she wearing that jacket with those shoes?!” or harder onces like “why isn’t he answering?”, “why people say those things about me?” and you can keep thinking, making up answers for yourself, “ahh probably because…” You waste your time, as long as you keep guessing and keep the questions for yourself, you would never know the answer.

What about just ask the person what’s going on? YESSSS, that is the better option! I’ve noticed that so many people are afraid to walk to the person and ask the questions that are stuck in their head. Why is that so scary?


tumblr_n3z4e6SMBO1qjb0reo1_500I like to experiment with my deep thoughts about life, also with this subject; I started with “investigate” how many times people keep questions to theirselves or act like they don’t care about several things. Than I try out how people react when I asked the questions that pop op in my head, without making up a weird story to get the answer. Just simple “what is the reason that you lie?”, “why do you behave like that?” or “Why do you make a fight instead of asking her?” <- CLASSIC!

That was funny, because the reactions were very different, you can see how people really are. Most of them started laughing, they liked that I asked straight to the point and answered the question honest… it solved more issues than I expected. But other people were shocked or lie… “Like omg why you asked?” Or “no, I’ve never said that”

Who looked like a fool here? Me because I was honesty asking what I wanted to know, or them because they got caught?


It is such a relief to say what is on your mind, no matter how hard it is at the moment. If you don’t want to do something, say it instead of doing things that you don’t want to and screw it up. Ask that person what is going on instead of being bitchie and making fights for nothing. Ask your boyfriend about the girl instead of thinking that he is cheating. Most of the time things looks worser then they really are do not get fooled by that. Get real to others and especially to yourself.

You are a magical creature, with a lot of power… Use the power that you have for more amazing things.


Loving life,


The circle of life…

Wauw, this is soooo inspiring! I found this photo on tumblr and I have no idea who made this. I love this. Because nature is in all of us, we are nature! Billion years ago we were animals, we were running around with stones, hunting for food and live in a hole. We used our imagination to create what we’ve become. But now in 2013 we are still a different sort of animal. We are so smart with everything we have enough food, we can live with each other and we have dogs, cats and all that. And you might can not imagine, but if we don’t have food.. we become animals. If a human has really hungry or we don’t have what we need to stay alive we become monsters. And that is because it is in all of us. We found a way to live like this, that we can buy food. Don’t have to hunt and we created everything that you see around you. We don’t see people as animals anymore, but we are still nature. We get born, need food and water everyday and we die in the end. It is the circle of life and in the end life is all about surviving. But we just found a perfect way to do that as a “team”.

Wow what a deep thought story I just wrote. But that is why this photo inspire me so much. Earth is literally in you.



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