Earth laughs in flowers but cries in human


Nature is everywhere around us… We are nature, we are animals but why don’t we feel like that anymore? Why do we feel like “human”? No! not even human, robots..
Think about it.. Is it normal all the stuff we have? All the things we do? It is amazing and it is awesome that we can do all the things we want and can make everything that is in our mind. But is this why we are created? Is this why earth wanted us to exists? I don’t think so.

You hear from so many “save the earth” charities and some of them are not just for fun or making money. Our planet is really ruined because of us. Of course we need food but do we really need to catch so many fish from the sea? Half of it is discarded by restaurants and stores, why are we so screwed up because of money!! We are not normal anymore, if you buy something in the store you don’t even know what you eat… If you buy fruit you don’t even know what poison they put on it so they can save it longer. It makes me so sad and angry that this little percentage of people (wealth continents yes, also you and me) ruin the rest of the world.


Nature disappears so we have luxury, people on this planet doesn’t even have enough water to drink and we have the cleanest water in the world and we throw it away like it is nothing, endangered plants and animals who has just as much right to live free on this planet than us but we put them in cages for MONEY!! It is very very bad with our planet. And it shocked me the most that all this wealth started only like 60 years ago. That means that you can imagine how fast this planet is dying… our planet. We do everything for money, but what if our earth is going down? Money doesn’t save us, it is nice to have it, but in the end life and nature is what we need.

*Here you can see a documentary “HOME”
It shows what we are doing here and how fast we ruin the planet earth. It is a real eye opener and I hope that we can do something for our real home. I hope that people share this story & documentary as much they can.

Save our planet, we are all earhlings



Living good, feeling better

It’s friday again! Almost weekend. I think for a few of you it is already weekend, isn’t it? Well, here is my fitspo of the week. I had a good week actually. Since August I haven’t done muscle training, except kick-boxing. Until Monday, and oh my gosh every muscle in my body hurts!! It is a good feeling though, but I couldn’t even come up the stairs the next days haha. But December is always a hard month, so much “bad” food. But yeh, it is a party month and I think you just need to enjoy every part of that. I personally promised myself that I eat extra healthy at home this whole month, absolutely no extra sugar on my bread or soda drinks. So when I am out, I can eat and drink what I want. And next year I go back to my normal routine. Damnn, that sounds so strange already.. Next year! A year ago I was in Australia with New Years Eve. This year went so fast, it’s crazy. 


• This is my motivation that I share with you, the photo’s are from tumblr. I am not saying that this is how you have to look like to be beautiful. Everybody is different, looks different and feel different in a special way. I just use this pictures to keep myself motivated, not because I feel the need to look like that.