Living good, feeling better

It’s friday again! Almost weekend. I think for a few of you it is already weekend, isn’t it? Well, here is my fitspo of the week. I had a good week actually. Since August I haven’t done muscle training, except kick-boxing. Until Monday, and oh my gosh every muscle in my body hurts!! It is a good feeling though, but I couldn’t even come up the stairs the next days haha. But December is always a hard month, so much “bad” food. But yeh, it is a party month and I think you just need to enjoy every part of that. I personally promised myself that I eat extra healthy at home this whole month, absolutely no extra sugar on my bread or soda drinks. So when I am out, I can eat and drink what I want. And next year I go back to my normal routine. Damnn, that sounds so strange already.. Next year! A year ago I was in Australia with New Years Eve. This year went so fast, it’s crazy. 


• This is my motivation that I share with you, the photo’s are from tumblr. I am not saying that this is how you have to look like to be beautiful. Everybody is different, looks different and feel different in a special way. I just use this pictures to keep myself motivated, not because I feel the need to look like that. 



Winter wonderland

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: It is time for home.”
 Edith Sitwell


Training diary

Yesterday I got a call from a friend, and he asked me if I want to be his “personal trainer“. Of course he knows that I train my ass off the last year and be busy with the health of my body, so he want to join me and become fit and healthy. well, to be honest… the last two or three weeks I wasn’t this motivated. The weather was worse and my body did not feel 100%. So this is a good way to make myself more motivated too.

I really like the idea to help him! I always love to help people, and this is a good opportunity for both of us. So we are going to make a strict schedule for the trainings.


Six weeks plan: 
Power,-walk or run 3/4 times a week. And other days doing workouts with weights, at home or in the gym. We have one rest day and we are making a plan for six weeks that we may not eat: extra sugars, salt, unhealthy snacks, and only ‘clean food’, we can’t cancel the trainings or cheat. Also drink two or three liter of water each day and try to sleep 8 hours at night. 

Tonight he has his first run, I am really excited actually.. He want to lose 15 kg so we have a good goal! Normally I don’t like to count calories or weigh on a scale. In my opinion it doesn’t say anything, and it makes you feel unhappy too! It is just a number and I think that you have to feel comfortable in your body. If it is big or small or short legs or whatever, some things you can not change about yourself. You have to learn to live with that. Embrace that you have that nose so you can breath, or those short legs that move you everywhere you want. But the size of your body that is all up to you! If you are to big but happy with your body, why would you change that? Why is skinny more beautiful? I think it doesn’t matter how you look but it does matter how you feel in it. And a scale or BMI test doesn’t know how you feel. Your body is yours, only yours! And if you want to lose weight, perfect.. do it in a healthy way but don’t count calories or check your BMI or go on a scale every morning. That doesn’t help anybody, if your muscles have grown they are probably heavier then the fat you ever had… So I hate the scale and in my opinion it is a liar.

But I think it is good for him to have this 15 kg goal, if his body looks and feel more healthy I am sure he will forget the number. Haha


Wish us luck! I will keep this diary on the challenge page. If you have any tips/tricks/idea’s you can always leave a comment or email at:

Your Tea

About Your Tea.

Who are we? Thanks for asking.

Like you we are tea lovers, tea drinkers and tea aficionados.
For years, we have been creating our own tea combinations for personal consumption- with benefits!. We found that our blends assisted weight loss, digestion, energy levels and relaxation.
With a myriad of of tea ‘types’ out there, it’s almost impossible for the common tea drinker to know what to sip on, when and why! So we decided to share our secret blends with you… and thus “Your Tea” was born.
All of our unique tea blends are derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine principles.
We’ve made it simple for you to b
e kind to your body – after all, you only have the one…

How does Your Tea ACTUALLY help you?
You may be wondering, “how on earth does this mug of warm liquid help me?”.
Sensible line of thought.
Teas perform several different functions.
There are teas for calming the stomach, teas for cleansing out toxins, teas for purifying, teas for soaking up fluid, teas for aiding nausea, teas for increasing energy, teas for aiding immunity…you get idea – the list goes on.

Specific tea combinations are used to target a symptom that the body is enduring as a result of lifestyle, diet choices and other influences such as stress and emotion.
In a nutshell, we are as healthy and pure as the food we put into our body.

A diet of fatty foods, starches, alcohol and sugars – will result in a body that is prone to excess fat, cellulite and overall poor functionality.

Tea aids in restoring the natural balance in your body – before we messed it up!
There is an art in knowing what your body is feeling and being able to reach for the right tea to help it. Once you understand it, you won’t have to reach for that chocolate frog when you’re stressed, or pop a few panadol for that headache.

Your body speaks to you in whispers… so don’t make it scream! Continue reading