Easy home workouts


Do you have a busy life and not much time for going to the gym every time? No worries, here you see a few “home workouts” that you can do easily in your room. When I come back from work I am tired and I don’t have much energy for hours of training, so I wake up a half an hour before I use to do (normally at 6:00 and now 5:30) for a few morning workouts. In the beginning it is hard, because your bed is so warm and your tired, but after a while you get used to it and it give you so much more energy during the day. It also motivates you to train more and more when you see results that you worked very hard for.

TIP: Feel your stomach the next time you do cardio. If it is cold, that means you’ve worked hard enough for your body to start burning fat. It is a great way to motivate yourself.


I wake up the same time everyday, even if I have a rest day. You get a daily routine and you body get use to waking up early. Before I do the workouts, I drink a big glass of (half warm) water with lemon. ‘*Start the day with half warm water is good for your belly and your digestion.’ When I do the workouts I also drink one glass of normal water, because you slept all night and didn’t drink. It is good to purify your body with water. It is also very important to do workouts that you like to do, if you don’t like them then it is hard to keep going and the probability is high that you stop. If you get stronger and the workouts going easier, you can add more workouts that you didn’t like before to your list.



* Write down all the workouts that you like to do, as many as you like. Choose from your own list 5 workouts.

For example:
*20 jumping jacks
*20 squats
*20 plank
*20 crunches
*20 high knees

And repeat them 3 times. You can have a short break, or drink a bit water if you need. It is also very important to breathe properly.
If you just started or this is to hard you can also choose to do set from 15 or 10. It is easier to do the sets 3 times instead of doing 60 at a time, because now you have rest and you train other parts of your body in between.

More idea’s that I use.

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Goodluck! X


Feeling hot in the cold

If you think about the winter you imagine the snow, hot chocolate, warm jackets, beanies, boots, Santa, fur, dinners. It is all so cozy and magical. But how does your body think about that? For example if you take a walk: If your hair get’s wet you have to be careful that it doesn’t freeze and break, your skin feels like it is going to split and it is a miracle if your fingers didn’t fall off. And thats why I have a few tips for you that I always use during the winter time.



How can you be winter-proof?

Cream/body lotion. It is very annoying if your skin dries out, it is ugly, it is getting itchy and if it is dry for to long it is gonna hurt. The best thing is that you put it on before you go to bed, than it has time enough to do his work.

– Hair mask. This is always good, in the winter and summer. But specially now, you hair need this little extra care. I always do two times a week a mask in my hair. And sometimes when my hair really needs a extra boost, I sleep with it so it can do his work the whole night. 

– Don’t shave your legs much. Maybe this sound a bit weird for some people haha, but I try to shave my legs as little as possible. My legs get’s dryer and it is unnecessary. 

– Face mask. Again the mask, there are a lot of vitamin in a good face mask that you skin needs. Your face has a hard time with the cold because it isn’t covered. I always try to do this once a week. 

– Sugar scrub. It is nice to have a scrub it makes your skin feel nice and soft. But your skin is extra dry now so if you want to scrub you can better use a sugar scrub. It has the same effect as a other scrub but it has these oils in it so your body is oiled instead of dried out. 


– Hand cream. This is so nice, i don’t leave the house without my hand cream. It keep your hands feel soft and it doesn’t hurt when it is too cold.

– Cover your body. Keep your body warm. A beanie, gloves, scarf, double socks, layers, it is fashionable too!

– Drink enough water. Keep your body hydrated always! I can imagine that cold water isn’t what you really want now, so you can also drink tea (green tea, tinytea, hertea). You can also just cook the water and drink it like tea without tea. I don’t know if a lot people like that but I do, maybe with a piece of lemon. 

– Vitamin. Make sure that you get enough vitamins daily.

– Eat enough. If you don’t know what to do with some things just look at the nature. What do animals now? They eat a lot so they can survive the winter. Don’t start eating until you get sick, don’t eat more than you need. But absolutely not less. Eat healthy & enough food.

These were the things that I use for surviving the winter. Most of them is for the dry skin but that is very important in the winter and also very annoying. be careful with your body, you need it for the rest of your life! I hope these little tips help you too. If you have more tips let me know! I am very curious.

Have a nice day!



Training diary

Yesterday I got a call from a friend, and he asked me if I want to be his “personal trainer“. Of course he knows that I train my ass off the last year and be busy with the health of my body, so he want to join me and become fit and healthy. well, to be honest… the last two or three weeks I wasn’t this motivated. The weather was worse and my body did not feel 100%. So this is a good way to make myself more motivated too.

I really like the idea to help him! I always love to help people, and this is a good opportunity for both of us. So we are going to make a strict schedule for the trainings.


Six weeks plan: 
Power,-walk or run 3/4 times a week. And other days doing workouts with weights, at home or in the gym. We have one rest day and we are making a plan for six weeks that we may not eat: extra sugars, salt, unhealthy snacks, and only ‘clean food’, we can’t cancel the trainings or cheat. Also drink two or three liter of water each day and try to sleep 8 hours at night. 

Tonight he has his first run, I am really excited actually.. He want to lose 15 kg so we have a good goal! Normally I don’t like to count calories or weigh on a scale. In my opinion it doesn’t say anything, and it makes you feel unhappy too! It is just a number and I think that you have to feel comfortable in your body. If it is big or small or short legs or whatever, some things you can not change about yourself. You have to learn to live with that. Embrace that you have that nose so you can breath, or those short legs that move you everywhere you want. But the size of your body that is all up to you! If you are to big but happy with your body, why would you change that? Why is skinny more beautiful? I think it doesn’t matter how you look but it does matter how you feel in it. And a scale or BMI test doesn’t know how you feel. Your body is yours, only yours! And if you want to lose weight, perfect.. do it in a healthy way but don’t count calories or check your BMI or go on a scale every morning. That doesn’t help anybody, if your muscles have grown they are probably heavier then the fat you ever had… So I hate the scale and in my opinion it is a liar.

But I think it is good for him to have this 15 kg goal, if his body looks and feel more healthy I am sure he will forget the number. Haha


Wish us luck! I will keep this diary on the challenge page. If you have any tips/tricks/idea’s you can always leave a comment or email at: RomyAshley2@gmail.com