FITSPO; What is your reason?

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Most of us girls want to be skinny, thin, good looking obvious… but do you know why you want that?

Why do you actually want to look like these girls? Because you think it makes you happier? Or because everybody want that? What is YOUR reason? Ask yourself this question BEFORE your workout to make it a lot easier for yourself.

Doing workouts, running training only for losing weight isn’t the easy / healthy way… You can eat ‘healthy’ and train then your body feels healhy, but are you healthy in your mind?? No, because you hate to do it! You eat green stuff when you think that you want chocolate… That doesn’t sound very right, is it?

That is why it is good to ask yourself these questions, I ask myself these questions every time after a “break”. I have to admit that when I started with living “the healthy lifestyle” I just wanted to look good, losing weight and nothing else. I even thought that if I lost weight fast that I could move on with my life and being happy with myself because my weight was the same for years so if I just lost a bit it was gone and that’s it. But no, that never worked out… It is impossible to do that and be happy.

Now I don’t even think about the weight anymore, I simply don’t care how heavy I am but I care about how i feel. It feels so good when you eat food that your body really need.. and to be fit, how good is the feeling when you have to walk a stairs without being tired? That is why you should do this, not for your looks but for how you feel. It does feel good in many ways and if you feel good and be good for your body the weight comes so easily. Your body will reward you, believe me…



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