Dear Diary


A year ago


A week ago we went out and I didn’t know what to expect from that club because she choose it HAHA. But it was so much fun! We met very nice new people and it was a night that we can’t forget! Be continued…


A friend took me to the cocktail bar on a monday! I was a lot of fun. But never again on a monday, haha!


Bren went on a holiday last week, I hope she has a amazing time. But goshh it feels like she is away for like a year!


I was so happy when I found this guy in the club last week! Damn I missed you!


Haha! This was so funny, me on my cousins horsey… So cute

As you all probably know I just started a full time job and I didn’t had much time to post daily on my blog. I know that I have to plan better.. There is always time, if you make time. But after work I was so tired that I really felt like a movie on the couch. Now, two weeks later I get to use to the early mornings, sitting behind a computer and be busy the whole day. So from now on I will try to be a bit more “the control freak”, plan every minute after work with things I really want to do, like going to the gym and blogging!


Ohja, about the gym… I hope your training year started better, I haven’t train for like 4 weeks now (a month sounds so long!). I need more motivation, sometimes when you have a breakdown you feel like: “achh fuck off, I need chocolate, chips, redbull, ben & jerry and that all at the same time” and that is totally fine, but not for two weeks long everyday haha!

So who like to join me to get motivated and make ourselves bikini ready for summer?!! Next post is full is fitspo! 



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