Review Tiny Tea

As I promised, here is my review on my experiences with the tiny tea.
I just finished the 28 ‘Teatox’ from Your Tea. I have to say I do feel good, very good. Just before I started to drink this tea I wasn’t myself, I stopped with school and I had no idea what I wanted or who I was. I am not saying that the tea fixed all the problems but it gave me enough energy to enjoy every little thing in life again.

The first 5 days that i drink this tea (three times a day) my belly felt a bit strange.. It made noises but not hurting or anything. For me it was a good sign that it is doing something. After a few days I was so motivated and energized that I wanted to workout and eat extra healthy, just helping the tea with treating my body right. But that was not for long, when I decided to make I spend all my time behind the computer haha!

Schermafbeelding 2013-11-25 om 12.14.02

But I saw my face changing, my skin. The first 3/4 days I get a bit pimples and breakouts. Luckily after 1/1,5  week drinking the tea it disappeared, and my face cleared up. Normally I have this stripes under my eyes, (I don’t think anyone ever saw that, but I did) but they were gone! It looked like I was shining and my skin was clear. When my boyfriend came he said “wauw you look gorgeous, did you change your hair?” hahaha! No dummy, I drink the tea. So I have to say that it did work for me. I love it! And I can’t wait to try the Her Tea!

Schermafbeelding 2013-11-25 om 12.13.49

About the bloating, I took a few before and after photo’s but I don’t see a huge difference. But I do feel lighter.. Sounds strange, but I don’t feel bloated anymore. Before I always had the feeling after a meal that I could role away.. (You know what I mean? That I am too round, like a ball) And since I am using Tiny Tea that feeling is gone.

Drinking the tea for losing weight?
The tea doesn’t burn your fat, but it give you energy en make your body feel clean and light. So if you planning to lose weight, I recommend drinking the Tiny Tea teatox to get through the first month. It helped me in many ways and I will certainly use it again.


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  1. Hey! I am on my 3rd week of the 28 day tiny tea. So I do feel very energized and light, I did feel bloated when I put on pants that were tight on my stomach. I did notice that my stomach got much smaller and still getting smaller. My main goal is to loose weight and get from 145 to 130. On the scale I only lost like 5 pounds and thats it. I went ahead and ordered another 28 day tiny tea in hope that its just taking a little bit to loose weight. I did get clearer skin but its not completly clear, like glowing clear, I still have pimples, little tiny ones. But with that im also hoping to get a better outcome with a second 28 day teatox. I love the way I feel, Im not hungry like I used to be, and I feel very healthy! Did it take you a while to loose weight?

    • Hi girl! I am very happy for you that you see a difference. I never weigh myself on a scale, I only listen to my body and how I feel in my body. When I was using Tiny Tea I notice that my skin become clear and my body felt better also after a big dinner. Try to love your body first instead of focussing to lose weight, if you accept yourself and try to make your body ‘fit & healthy’ in a way that YOU like, then you will see that you lose weight in a eye wink. And about the TinyTea, I thought that you have to wait 2 weeks until you may use Tiny Tea again after a 28 Teatox. I am not 100% sure but you can better read the website before you start the second Teatox. You can do it girl! Believe in yourself and if you are good for your body, your body will be good for you. X

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