“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”

– Dr. Seuss


Isn’t this the best quote ever? A lot of people forget to be happy with things they already have.. (I do too) Think for a minute how much you appreciate the things that you have, the things that are normal for you to have it. Like your eyes, arms, legs, family, your heart, your body, everything you can’t live without. Human always forget that, they miss the things if they are gone, (like a lover haha!) but don’t think about it if they are there everyday, it is getting normal. Take a minute for yourself and realize how lucky you are with all the good things in your life. Only the positive and good things that you have.

Are there things missing that you want? Can you change that? Or is it to hard? Start with changing your mindset. Don’t think “O, it is too hard” start thinking “oke, this is going to be a exciting challenge” then you are already half way! Work for what you want and try your hardest. See it as fun, and not as hard.




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